Saturday, February 4, 2017


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Humblet and I have just gone through a very harsh start to this new year, but we are as happy and chirpy as sick people can be and we are on slowly on the mend. Here's what happened - 

Shortly after New Years' Day celebrations, little humblet came down with a fever. Even with medication and constant hydration, the pesky fever stayed for nearly a week, taking our little family on a roller coaster ride. Good days hovered around 37.5-38 degrees, but bad days meant 39 or even 40 degrees and higher. Not to mention a cranky and whiny baby who wanted to be carried all the time, who couldn't sleep soundly for more than an hour in the night and worst still, started pushing food away. 

We were more than relieved when this episode was over. Then preparations got underway for Chinese New Year, invitations were sent out for various gatherings and open house, as we do here in Singapore. We even managed to squeeze in a tiny day trip to Johor to pick up goodies and new clothing for the Lunar New Year.

Lo and behold, mummy gets hit with stomach flu on the second day of Chinese New Year with barely half the visitations completed. Vomiting, diarrhoea, insane fevers and giddiness without a single clinic open. 

Humblet's brave father persevered, bringing her to 拜年 and continuing to receive guests, while I staggered to and from the toilet. We self-medicated and symptoms improved slightly, only to find that the baby started to show signs of runny stools and loss of appetite. 


So here we are at the start of February, trying to get our act together. Dishes to be done, laundry to be folded and most important of all, fun and play must continue. I'll not deny that this was for us, a very rough and unhappy start. Nonetheless, we remain grateful for so many things. For family who prepare warm meals, friends who offer medication and a clean, cleaner than usual, cozy home to call our own. 

Let's just take it as a bad start to a good, good year. 

Hope you're having a great time celebrating Lunar New Year with friends and family~


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