Monday, February 6, 2017


Jewel Bridge Punggol

     In Singapore, Park Connectors link up everywhere, one can get a good 5-10km without ever needing to go on the road. We have the privilege of living right next to the entrance of the Buangkok Park Connector and we did enjoy some cycling before Mya came along. We're so pleased that she enjoys cycling too! For those who've been asking about our equipment and the distances we've covered, you may read the full post below -

Yilan Red Bridge

After our little trial run in Taiwan (humblet's first time on a infant bicycle seat, aged 15months) we decided to do some research and invest in the right equipment so we could cycle on a regular basis here in Singapore. Right now on a good week, we cycle about 10-12km per ride, 2-3x a week, no more than 1.5hours per time.

Humblet really enjoys the rides, pointing out birds, flowers and spying on terrapins sun bathing. Some times we get to see the otter family of six out for their morning swim. And other times we see the resident monitor lizard out hunting for his breakfast. Because of her constant questioning, I've had to do quite a bit of research on flowers, birds and fruit trees in Singapore, just to make sure I was teaching her the right stuff. Not complaining. I love how she wants to know everything and I'd like to encourage that inquisitive spirit, rather than brush off everything as simply another tree or another plant.

Punggol Park Connector

Currently, I'm riding the 2011 Model of the TREK 7.3FX Ladies Bike with a basic Giro Ladies helmet. It's actually a road bike, so it can go pretty fast. But I wouldn't recommend it for those riding their kids, as it can get pretty slippery on rainy days. We rarely ride out when the weather is cloudy, but we have been caught in light drizzles on occasion. We got the bicycle as a gift some years back, so I've grown accustomed to its speed and power. Even then, it took quite some effort to get used to the imbalance brought about by the infant seat and humblet's sheer weight. But for regular use, I think a simple medium frame mountain bike would suffice for most ladies. Weight is the most critical factor when it comes to cycling an infant. Mya and the seat combine add about 15kg at the back, so we did short distances at the beginning to try out turns, slopes and things.

Humblet chilling during a pitstop

Humblet is using the MET Super Buddy kiddie helmet, here's the link. It's amazingly lightweight and fits wonderfully. Initially, she'd pry it off at every opportunity she got, but now she reminds me to put it on for her whenever I put her in her infant seat. It just took some getting used too.

As for the infant seat, we did a little bit of research as we wanted one that would last for awhile. We went to several bicycle shops and the most common one we saw were these grey plastic ones that could only take us till she was 15kg. She was nearly 11kg then, so we got this one instead, the Bellelli Rear Child Seat Pepe which would last until the child was 22kg. It's a pretty sturdy yet comfy child seat, which comes with an overhead strap and ankle straps for extra protection. I believe you can get one of these from most custom bicycle shops, we got both helmet and infant seat from The Bike Settlement at Waterloo Street. They did the installation for us as well, free of charge.

Entering the Sengkang Riverside Park

That's about it actually, equipment wise. I generally bring along a water bottle and stop whenever we come across something interesting, like the day when the otter family were frolicking near the marshes at the Sengkang Riverside Park. We change do mini detours now and then, but generally never veer far from the main park connector.

Do say hi if you ever see us! We'd be happy to stop and chat too~


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