Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Ever in her element, humblet and her frown turn 18 months old!

This little eating machine is now eighteen months old. Running, jumping and chasing birds all over the place. Read about her insane transformation in the full post below - 

Humblet Statistics -

Height: 82cm
Weight: 11.6kg
Feet Size: 14cm
Head Circumference: 46.3cm 

Friends without kids tell me how cute and petite humblet is, contrast that with peer parents who look at her in shock and go, 'How is she 18 months old? She weighs as much as my 2 year old!' While everything about her is pretty average thus far, keeping within the 50th percentile, her weight continues to hover in the 85-90th percentile. The only complaint I have is that, I feel hungry after meal times now that we are always 'sharing'. 

Memorable moments -

Coming into the New Year with a fever and celebrating the Lunar New Year with stomach flu? But more than that, getting into a more sporty routine of morning cycles, evening walks and weekly swims. It has done humblet a lot of good to be outdoors, picking out leaves and hunting snails, initiating play with other children and learning how to jump. 

a. Her first meaningful words - 'ball', 'mama', 'papa', 'more', 'nana' (banana) & 'nainai' (milk in mandarin) Apart from 'ball', every other word was first used in association to food. 'Mama' her personal chef and 'papa' who feeds her.

b. Humblet trying a strider - more like standing alongside and taking it on a walk

Mini milestones -

1. Imaginative play - she picks up plastic fruits or cutlery and pretends to feed herself 
2. Social skills - taking the first step to initiate play or saying 'hello' to other kids
3. Creating her own signs - 'hungry' fist rolling on tummy, 'scared' patting chest with open palm etc.
4. Drawing - doodle boards can keep her occupied for 10-15 minutes after she discovered the 'erase' function
5. Using utensils - although the success rate with a spoon is more like 30%, she's pretty adept with a fork
6. Imitating animals - unfortunately, the one she does best is monkey. I blame her father and uncle. 

Some snapshots from the past few months, I need to be more diligent about taking pictures - 

How does she expect her mother to name every flower, plant and insect in this estate? Thankfully, there's google. I do love to watch her in nature though. She has barely spoken ten comprehensible words, but her expressions outdoors are priceless. Everything impresses her, from the sky to the trees, even trail of ants on the pavement. 

It's official. Humblet hates ball pits. She stayed in this one for a grand total of one minute reports her grandmother. Fortunately for humblet, her mother hates them too. It could be due to the fact the left side of my favourite bubblegummers rainbow sneaker was consumed by one such monster circa 1996. The thing is...these ball pits always have a distinctive sour smell, did some kid pee in here?!

Humblet's developed a love for the stairs. Babysitters take note, want to tire her out for nap time? Give her half an hour in the stairwell. Up and down then up again. My thighs feel tired just watching her climb. Maybe it's the void deck aunties applause that got her started, or maybe she aspires to be a vertical marathoner. Whatever the reason, I'm hoping this means she's athletic. 

Swimming has been a real battle, kicking, crying and protesting. Even decked in the cutest swimsuit and accompanied by her 'best friend', Shiloh, featured in this picture, she still runs away the moment we put her down by the pool. Water confidence takes lots of time, so they say. Well, it takes up a lot of back muscles as well, with not one but two toddlers clinging onto your neck for their dear lives. Why did no one bother to tell me this was a bad idea? We're going again next week. Any selfless volunteers?

Humblet + food. Enough said.

Hope you guys are having a great 2017 thus far! Humblet and I are still trying to get into the swing of things. Looking forward to a little family getaway this month! 


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