Friday, October 13, 2017

In Collaboration: The Photoshoot

In August, Humblet and I had the privilege of collaborating with K-sisters and Mulberry Marymount for our first sponsored Mother-Daughter photoshoot. As part of their #supportmums project, they were targeting mums who had little time to spend with their kids due to work commitments and the like. The #supportmum crew, spearheaded by Jung-min and Audrey, decided to give Humblet and I a whole day of fun, plus a full scale makeover, including beautiful dresses! The sweetest mums themselves, they only had encouraging words for me and even planned a birthday surprise for little Humblet.

Here are some of our favourite shots from that day -

The last picture is my absolute favourite, @hyydn captured the moment perfectly. We love Henri Tullet books because every page requires readers to count, to point, to shake or to act. Here we are, mother and daughter, putting our heart and soul into our favourite shared pastime, reading.

Humblet and I are honoured to be the first to enjoy the efforts of the hardwork put together by the #supportmum team. Be it photographer, make-up, videographer (@androidinboots) or planner, we know that a lot went into making this day so memorable for us. And our hearts are full of gratitude. May you ladies, Jung-min and Audrey, continue to thrive in the good work you are doing for the ordinary, often neglected mums. Thank you!

As I mentioned in the short interview -

To your child, the time you are absent means nothing as compared to the memories you can make when you are with them. Each moment is precious, because no matter how imperfect a mum you think you are, to your child, you are the very best!

Have a restful weekend.


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