Thursday, December 7, 2017


If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you would know that our little trio went on a very impromptu beach holiday to Desaru this November past. Since it was last minute, we did not have much prepared. But we did bring along our trusty old film camera. If you would like the see the rest of the photos -

As a form of update, we did three days and two nights at this little beach resort called - Sand and Sandals Desaru Beach Resort and Spa. Nothing fancy, but it had everything we needed. A quiet beach. The whole pool to ourselves. A buffet breakfast and most importantly, family time.

Being one of four families at the resort meant we were largely left to our own devices. This meant a whole beach to build sandcastles. A row of hammocks to laze in with a good book. And also an endless supply of white omelettes and steak at the buffet table (I have no idea why they serve steak for breakfast, but it was great!)

The following photo journal can be categorised this way - photos of Humblet and photos taken by Humblet. Enjoy!

Humblet, you amuse your parents to no end. 

The following shots were taken by Humblet, they may or may not have been intentional. 

Thanks for stopping by. Working on the full post for December and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday thus far!


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