Saturday, January 20, 2018


Just this week on the train, a schoolmate tapped me excitedly on the shoulder. In the course of our conversation, we inevitably shared what we are currently doing and that's when she found out I was a mum. Out of the blue, she folded her arms with a frown of concern on her face and said, "Amy, you mustn't give up on your looks just because you are a mum, I really think you ought to wear make-up when you leave the house".

At that moment, I was so stunned I barely managed a smile in response. Here are my thoughts now -


Don't tell mums to put on make-up, but instead watch what we mums are made of.

If you are willing to look beyond our perhaps dull and simple external facade, you will see that we are much more than you can imagine. We dress simply so our children can have cod, salmon and beef on the table. We don't spend all our time painting our faces in order that we can sit with our kids to read just another book or do another craft.

Watch us in our homes on good days and bad days. Enjoy a coffee with us while our kids decide they can play by themselves for a change and all the laundry is done and folded away. Witness us struggle with a crying kid throwing a tantrum on the floor, stirring a pot of soup, while buttoning the shirt of another child in front of us.

You will find, it takes a lot to be not only a stay-home mum, but any kind of mum at all. Then you will realise, mums are made of much more than any amount of make-up can do.


If there's a girl who doesn't like make-up, I haven't met one. Since we were girls, we loved experimenting with our mums' dressing tables. Trying on the variety of lipsticks and blusher palettes on ourselves, testing which accessories fit best with the mess we have drawn.

You might be surprised, but I am no different. I love having the luxury to draw my eyes, paint my cheeks and try out different eye shadow combinations.

But any sensible mum would tell you, there is a time and place for everything.

Make-up is a wonderful invention and enhances any face for special occasions. I take time and effort to doll myself up too - for a dinner date with the husband, a wedding reception or even an evening party strictly for adults. No need for the full works when I am going across the street for a quick lunch or running to the library to drop off books before their due date.


To me, a healthy and happy child is and will always be my best accessory.

Photos on this post taken from the meaniningful #supportmums projects, sponsored by the amazing mums @audt Jung-Min and Audrey. Make-up done by the beautiful @vinvola and shots by the talented @hyydn You can find the full post here.


Dear mums,

If you are ever feeling down about the way you look, remember your child thinks the world of you. And also, that a mirror can barely begin to reveal how gorgeous you are on the inside.

Dear husbands / fathers,

Remember to tell your amazing wives everyday how beautiful they are. Even when they have their hair up in a bun, an apron over their waist and food stains on their blouse. They are the reason you have clean, ironed shirts every morning and home cooked meals on your table.

Have a great weekend dear readers, you have been missed~

Grateful still,


  1. Loved this, Amy! Wonderful post and great encouragement :)

  2. Excellent post Miss Tan. This is definitely an epitome of every mother's/ wife's responsibility.