Wednesday, February 28, 2018


     Now that we are in the fourth month of this second pregnancy, we have been more ready to tell others about it. The fact is, this baby bump is getting harder to hide, and so people have guessed even without us telling them.

The most common question asked - how is this pregnancy different from the first?

Well. To be honest, Humblet was a very challenging and special pregnancy. An insane amount of cramps leading up to an operation in the first trimester caused us no shortage of stress and fear. But this post is really about the second pregnancy, you can read more about the first one here.

In light of the above, I have been telling friends that this pregnancy has been a normal one. Normal in such a way I am very grateful.

Read the full story below -

     In December, I started feeling really tired in the evenings. To the extent I would fall asleep while putting Humblet to sleep at seven plus eight and sleep until the next morning. When it got to Christmas season, that is when things got really bad. I begin throwing up after meals and even after drinking water at times. Initially, we thought it was a bout of stomach flu and that's how we self-medicated for two odd weeks. Finally, J.G. suggested taking a pregnancy test and the positive result just allowed everything to make sense.

     Our first response this time was that of much gladness and gratitude. We had been wanting Humblet to have a sibling for some time now, and round about this time she herself starting asking for one. So much so she has been creating imaginary younger siblings to feed, bathe and even play with in the playground. You can imagine her excitement when we told her the news. She has been telling our extended family, her teachers and schoolmates about this baby in mummy's tummy. And we have been trying to explain I did not eat a child, but that one is growing in my womb.

     The long and short of this pregnancy? It has been normal. Of course this normalcy differs from person to person as well as from pregnancy to pregnancy. Nonetheless, we are grateful. Yes, morning sickness and more exhaustion. Yes, less energy for the ever-inquisitive Humblet. But overall, we make the most of every family day, and we rejoice as we see this foetus grow month by month.

     As of last night, I have started to experience a little bit of water retention. The morning sickness generally came on in the evenings, so I made it up with huge breakfasts and lots of fruits for dinner instead. The worst of my nausea has now passed and I am looking forward to more sports and longer swims. Perhaps if I feel up to it, I may even begin the regular Baby Bumps series again. Because I know full well, every child and likewise every pregnancy will be different. Either way, we are excited to have you join our little family baby number two!


I hope you have been having a great 2018 thus far!


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