Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Is it a girl? Is it a boy? If I were to tell you, we decided to give this child the nickname Singlet does it give you a clue of the gender of our second child? 

Either way, we are in week twenty-six. Slowly making headway into the third and final trimester. With the (still) low-lying placenta, the aim to go back to our exercise routine has been slow. Humblet and I did manage an hour-long walk by the park connector the other day, that was really great. Other than that, Singlet’s kicks have come full on, so much so I can be rudely woken up in the wee hours of the night. As if I am not waking up several times to pee already.

Here is the full Baby Bumps experience if you’d like to read on –

Our son looks to be a big one! Already at the six months, he weighs nearly a kilogram. That’s a whole mango heavier than Humblet in her twenty-sixth week. Thankfully, he’s a boy, so being a heavy weight won’t matter as much. I hope.

On mummy’s end, this past second trimester has been great. My studies have not been hampered in any way, except that I find myself sleeping a whole lot more and at random times of the day. Weight gain has been steady, and doctor is happy with the current progress. My lower back and hip though are starting to protest due to the rapid growth of junior Ji, I shall have to make it a discipline to stretch and massage them regularly.

Also, in progress is the preparation of the nursery, which will commence in June after we resolve the moldy issue Mid-May. You can read about that here on our family page if you like.

We do have a hand-me-down cot, some of Humblet’s baby clothing we did not give away and many many burp cloths ready. Thankfully, most of her wardrobe is white, yellow and green. Gender neutral clothing for the win!

Its already the first week of May! Just three more months before we meet Singlet! 
Hope you are taking some time off to rest this Labour Day~


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