Thursday, May 31, 2018


On the last week of school for this semester, it dawned upon us that baby #2 was already in the last trimester and so we very spontaneously decided to take off somewhere for a short getaway.

It was easy to decide where to go because we had these three main criteria -

1. Beach please

It had to be a beach. Doesn't matter if the water was green, blue or purple. For us, a true getaway is being able to stare at the endless horizon for hours and run around on sand! So that was the first.

2. Boat budget

We were working on a pretty tight budget. I won't tell you how much, but taking a flight alone would burst that budget out of proportion. So we went with boat accessible options instead. Fortunately, we live in Singapore where boat options are aplenty!

3. Brand new preferred

Since we ditched flight options, we decided we would search for a newer resort. Didn't need to be high end, luxurious or any of those things, but we have learnt over the years that hotel wise, newer is nearly always better.

With all the above being said, we narrowed down to three options and quickly decided on Harris Barelang Batam. Brand new, with the biggest room option at a very reasonable price and free shuttle service to and from the resort. We had no desire whatsoever to shop or buy local products this trip. All we really wanted was to get away from crowded, noisy Singapore and get sun burnt to our heart's content.

And so we did.

You may ask, how did we manage to travel without Humblet for three whole days?

On her end, she was super excited and had a whole long list of activities planned with her grandmother and her uncle. On our end, we decided even before having any children that we would make it a point to do at least one meal a week and one getaway a year without our kid(s).

For some of our friends, its a complete no go. You do not ever leave your kids behind. But for us, the motivation was really for each other. Its hard enough to keep a marriage together these days, much less manage one with a kid (going two kids). So we promised that we would always put each other before our kids and these short getaways give us time to remember that commitment.  For all the caregivers of Humblet, we are extremely grateful and can only pray Singlet will be just as easy with other people.

We were really so blessed that the resort was so quiet and that we could have so much pool time all to ourselves. Three days is a short time, but its really all the time we needed to relax and recharge.

Hope you will get some time off this School Holiday period~


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