Monday, June 25, 2018


Received this beautiful gift from a beautiful friend~

With the not-so-littlest one weighing a whooping two kilograms, doctor tells us to be ready to receive him earlier than expected. We are only in week thirty-three so that's a pretty scary thought. With the nursery currently barren from the recent mould extermination, its time to furnish the little man's room before he decides to make his grand entrance.

Cot - check
Mattress - check
Clothes - check
Diapers - check

Oh, I guess we're ready.

Initially, we had plans to buy a new shelving unit, install more drawers and all. Since, you know, two kids multiplies your stuff by ten some how. But instead, we decided to KonMari our home from head to toe. Viciously culling books, clothing, toys and even kitchen ware. Donating only the things we felt others could use again and recycling others that could not. Have a peek at my Carousell account and see if you'd like anything listed there!

In the end, we discovered we have more than enough storage and space for Singlet. If we manage to sell some of our extra storage, we'll have even more space! How wonderfully liberating it is to have a lot less. Humblet was very excited to see a lot less toys in her two-tiered shelf, I think its only because she could see all her toys at once. To think I was worried she'd discover her missing items. Not at all, she now spends a lot more time with one toy at a time simply because she has a lot less to distract her. Its great!

People tell me you're usually a lot more chill with your second child. I guess that's true. Even more true though is that J.G. and I are so chill, the folk around us get nervous on our behalf. Do you need clothing for Singlet? Do you need us to buy anything for baby? Does Singlet need a brand new music mobile? Could we buy you a baby monitor?

It is wonderful that Singlet is so well loved even before he is born. This beautiful Solly Baby Wrap of a gift is more wonderful than I would have expected! I can't wait to use it. We have received so many gorgeous brand new gifts as well, including clothing, blankets and swaddles. Clearly, Singlet will not have to survive of Humblet's hand-me-downs judging by the extravagance he himself is receiving.

 Humblet has already put aside a whole box of stuff for her baby brother she says. It includes her old toys, teething things, cloth books and a random assortment of I don't know what which she claims are for baby. Its great to have a child who loves babies, when you are not particularly fond of them yourself.

So here we go, its the last month (or six weeks we hope) fingers crossed.

Super excited and teeny bit scared,

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