Monday, July 16, 2018


Humblet's first swim class

Humblet currently goes to school about three to four times a week depending on our school / work schedule. She enjoys school very much and we know this because she re-enacts her day's event with her stuffed animal community before bed time nearly every night. With her play-acting as the teacher of course. Just last night, her Craftholic Rabbit family was forced to do a bunch of really awkward looking stretching exercises before she launched into a crazy dance time sans music.

Recently, she has even begun to put on her own uniform without having to be cajoled. We are baffled but very comforted by her eagerness for school.

Needless to say, like every other school, hers has a whole line up of enrichment classes for the children. Ranging from ballet, Chinese drama, clay crafts and so on. Here is our take on enrichment for pre-schoolers if you'd like to know -

The main reason why Humblet goes to school is because we wanted her to gain confidence in her social skills with her peers. Certainly we have circumstantial reasons like work and school, but those were really secondary, our plans can always wait in her best interests. We found that mixing with kids her age, learning to fight and make-up, trying to create together and so was wonderful for her development and so we wanted to give her that.

Yet, at the same time we did not want to sacrifice making precious memories as a family because like every parent laments (except me maybe) "they grow up too fast" and all that. That is why she only goes in three or four days in a week, so we can protect family day and surprise her with trips to the zoo or museum every once in awhile.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, enrichment courses are really not our kind of thing. Already she cycles, swims, crafts, recycles, bakes and a whole lot more with us, so we feel like its unnecessary to put her through extra lessons. Since we won't be able to prevent it once she gets to primary school, we decided that we should delay it for as long as possible.

Are we afraid of Humblet falling behind?

She's not even three years old! We're not (yet) afraid.

Did we sign up her up for anything so far?

Well, we usually lay out the options we feel are suitable and let Humblet decide for herself. Usually these are the special classes that fall within the morning hours or those that are free. Thus far, she has only picked monthly library visits and a one-off Chinese play version of "The Giving Tree".

This month though, we discussed swimming classes with her and she was keen so we decided to let her give it a shot. Its after-school hours in the evenings, but its conducted with her school mates and on the roof top of her school building which makes it super convenient. We are a little cynical about how well three-year-olds can be taught to swim, but building water confidence is great in itself. More about that next month after she completes her first set of classes.

What are your thought on schooling for pre-schoolers? And do your kids love or hate their enrichment classes?

Have a great week~

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