Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Christmas Crafts

If you have been following our stories since Singlet arrived, you would know how immensely blessed we have been. An endless stream of groceries, hand-me-downs, facial products and more.

So this Christmas we have decided to give back by hosting a series of giveaways on via my instagram profile this December. If you are a mum, know of friends with young kids, have a pregnant or stay-home mum friend, hop on over to join these giveaways specially curated for them!

On the home front, Humblet has been super excited about Christmas this year (I think its the prospect of presents). Even though we only allowed her to buy the tiniest of Christmas trees from Ikea, she was over the moon to be able to decorate her very own tree.

Here is a short list of all the Christmas Crafts Humblet has done thus far, I am sure there will be more to come -

1. Thankful Tree

A straightforward craft using busytoddler's thankful turkey idea with a twist.

I drew the outline of a tree which Humblet painted. Then using cut-outs of leaves, Humblet thought about who or what she was thankful for. We added one or two leaves a day, and by the end of the week we had our little thanksgiving tree! Simple!

What I like best is that is cultivates the habit of gratitude rather than thinking about what she wants to receive for Christmas. Why fast cars is up there though, I have no idea.

2. Nativity Shapes 

Inspired by this cute blog we did simple cutouts of shapes like triangles, ovals and circles. Which Humblet then assembled to form the nativity scene. Great for her to revise names of shapes in both English and Mandarin as well. The prep time on my end was about 10 minutes. Humblet took about 15 minutes to complete the set up and added the apple shields as hay! What a great idea!

We try to allow her to express her own creativity by leaving loads of various scrap materials in her craft box. When we do crafts, we tell her the basic idea and leave her to do the rest. She wanted animals in the barn, so she got out some animals from an old sticker book. I thought that was very resourceful of her!

3. Christmas Wrapping Paper 

Just yesterday, we completed this craft. All you need is a huge brown paper, we got ours from a craft supplies shop. Some bowls with paint (or food colouring if you prefer) with an old sponge cut up into different sizes. We got our paints from Daiso and just used disposable bowls this time (oops).

I was initially worried the size of the brown paper would be overwhelming for Humblet, but she took to the task so well and loved every minute of it! She just carried her bowls and sponge as she went about stamping here, there and everywhere. When she ran out of paint, she rub the sponges on the palms of her hands and made hand prints. How clever! The lesson I am reminded of each time I see her do art is to never limit our children.

She is super proud of the final product and I can't wait to wrap her cousin's gifts with them.


Hope you liked this post of crafts! Be sure to head over to my instagram profile for those giveaways cum December! May you have a wonderful Christmas season with friends and loved ones ~

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