Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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Amidst the festive cheer, I am reminded of four of my friends who lost their children at different points this year all before they had the chance to hold them in their arms. Two had birth defects so severe, one born way too early and yet another who suddenly had no more heart beat. As the Christmas season is upon us, many will have family holidays, family feasting and children will be gathering around to decorate trees, open presents and be decked in cute pajamas with snowmen all over. Before these, I would like to take a moment to consider those who will feel their lost loved ones even more this December.

You, dear friends, are mothers (and fathers) just like me, just like any of us parents. Special mothers who only got to enjoy their little ones inside of you for a very little while. For all those who told you motherhood is a pain, you are so fortunate you averted it. They do not know the pain they are inflicting upon your already broken hearts. But we acknowledge you and we remember your beautiful unborn children. We fully recognize you as mothers, no different from us who are struggling to put our fussy infants to sleep or chasing our toddlers round the park lest they fall.

We pray you will finally have the chance to hold your very own little one in your arms and cuddle them to bed at night in time to come. But for now, we stand with you in your pain. We acknowledge your loss this Christmas. The torrents of gifts you wanted to bestow on them with and how cute they would have looked in those snowflake rompers. We remember your babies who never got to become children and we just want to say, we love them too.

Have a very Blessed Christmas dear ones.

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