Thursday, January 10, 2019


A day in the life of @jieames for the new mums who were asking what an average day looks like for Singlet (6mo) and I, this is specially written for you!

630am – Wake husband and Humblet
645am – Prepare both their breakfasts and get Humblet dressed / packed
715am – Kiss father and daughter goodbye before Singlet’s 1st milk feed
745am – Heat Singlet’s fruit, Singlet’s food tasting (usually around 40 – 60ml of steamed fruit)

815am – Put Singlet down for his 1st nap and have my breakfast
845am – Prepare soup for dinner and thaw my food for lunch (usually leftovers)
915am – Singlet’s 2nd milk feed
945am – Morning walk (usually to the park connector or grocery run)
1030am - Bathe Singlet
11am – Put Singlet down for 2nd nap and prepare my lunch
1130am – Have lunch (usually accompanied with doing readings for school)
12pm – Singlet’s 3rd milk feed
1230pm – Wake time for Singlet (currently tummy time while I do chores, laundry or dinner prep)
130pm – Put Singlet down for 3rd nap
2pm – More readings or editing work depending on which is more urgent
230pm – Thaw and warm Singlet’s puree (currently 30 – 40ml of steamed vegetable / root)
3pm – Singlet’s puree feed
330pm – Sensory play time on his high chair (typically related to the puree he just had, e.g. pumpkin seeds or leaves mixture)

430pm – Put Singlet down for 4th (and last) nap
5pm – Cook dinner (on toughest day, I cook with Singlet in the carrier)
530pm – Humblet is home (throw the baby to the father)
6pm – Dinner (Singlet sits in the high chair with teething toy of sorts
630pm – Play time for the siblings
7pm – Shower followed by wind down (usually reading)
730pm – Singlet’s 4th or 5th milk feed
8pm – Both kids are in bed (latest by 830pm)

Thank you for reading about my day!

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