Thursday, January 31, 2019


Dear Humblet,

In January of your fourth year with us, you were down with Flu A. In the first few days, we managed it thinking that this is merely a common cold and that it would go away. However, the symptoms got worse and on day five your fever refused to come down despite Papa and Mama staying up through the night to give you medication and sponge you down. When you fever reading went above 40deg and hovered in that region without abating we had to bring you to the hospital.

At the hospital, you lay calmly in my arms trembling every now and then but never complaining. Then took the blood test bravely without shedding a tear. You tried your very best to brace yourself when the doctor said you had to be admitted, but your little body was shaking in fear. We tried to hold you close so you would not be so afraid. Mama is sorry that I could not stay the night with you. Papa said you tried your best to rest although they kept coming in to do tests and check your temperature.

The next day you simply could not take it anymore and pleaded to go home. You told the doctor even that you would like to leave, and they allowed you to. We were elated that you could come home with us. But to our horror, your little brother started having fevers as well. It would be a gross understatement to say that the week after that was tough. It was immense. We only prayed for strength to get through a day at a time.

On day ten of this ordeal, when they told us you would get better, we instead saw a record breaking 41.4deg reading instead. Our hearts broken, we brought you to the hospital again. No more hiding behind your bravado any longer, you kept muttering quietly “I want to go home, I want to go home”. They wanted to admit you again, but there was no special treatment to be given. So we made the decision to bring you home.

Four days. Four more days of fever fighting. Sponging through the night. Medication round the clock. And on day fifteen the fever lifted. Leaving us as abruptly as it came. We hope to never see it again.
By now you had lost nearly 2kg, stopped eating solids for almost a week and even drinking water seemed torturous for your exhausted body. Nonetheless, you made it, we all made it.

Mama is writing this, so you remember. You went through a very difficult time, but you bore it bravely and together as a family, with the love of our friends, we got through this. People brought you balloons, toys and they delivered us meals, cake and even bubble tea. Aunty ZL took our calls at all odd hours, gave such good advice and even came to check on you at the hospital. Your friends and our friends prayed day after day, sending encouragement and cheering you on.

You are well loved and highly favoured dear Humblet. Never fear challenges you may face along the way. You survived a complicated pregnancy. The traumatic delivery with the umbilical cord around your neck. An operation for an infected finger nail at only ten months old. And you made it victorious after a two-week battle with Flu A. As with all these, you will prevail.

We love you. 

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