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Here is a detailed right up of Singlet's solid food journey. The disclaimer is that we allow ourselves to guided by the child's interest not by what the experts say. As with Humblet, we let our kids explore with different foods but we also never rushed them to start.

From around the middle of his fourth month, Singlet started showing interest in our food. Grabbing our utensils or cups mid-meal and shoving them into his mouth. We began to introduce single solids in the last week of his fourth month for three weeks and then moved to blending in the last two weeks. Here's the low down -

Weeks 21 to 23*

*Unless otherwise mentioned, all items listed here are peeled, cubed and steamed for 10 to 15minutes. After which I blend and freeze them in ice cube trays. Then thawed and warmed in a steamer before serving. Volume is listed beside each item for your convenience.

1. Apple (50ml)
2. Pear (50ml)
3. Pumpkin (80ml)
4. Squash (80ml)
5. Potato (80ml)
6. Banana (raw but mashed, 50ml)
7. Papaya (blended raw, 50ml)

Weeks 24 to present

We generally freeze a week's worth of meal per time. After items are frozen, we pack and label them in containers with the packed date.

Blends are fun to do because your child just to explore a variety of taste at once. Here is when I intentionally include greens and super berries in smaller ice cube trays I like to call 'power cubes'.

Spinach. Watercress. Leeks. Broccoli. Blueberries. Rasberries. Blackberries. And the list goes on - these are washed, steamed and frozen into tiny 30-50ml portions are added into his meal blends.

A 'meal' usually consists of 2 to 3 items. And cereal or milk is added depending on the consistency of the meal. If the blend comes out to watery I add 80ml of cereal to some the meal more solid. If its too dry then I add 50-80ml of milk to soften the mix.

Breakfast blends are straightforward -
1. Apple (80ml) & power berry cube (30ml)
2. Pear (80ml) & power berry cube (30ml)
3. Papaya (80ml) & oat cereal (60ml)
4. Banana mash & milk (90ml)

Some lunch and dinner blends include -
1. Sweet potato (120ml) & carrot (50ml)
2. Potato (120ml), carrot (50ml) & spinach (30ml)
3. Pumpkin (120ml) & leeks (50ml)

Essentially once you have the items, you can vary the permutation and combination however you like! I find ice cube trays of different sizes great because I can freeze carbs, proteins and fruits in different amounts. I've had these trays since Humblet's time, so I am not sure where you can get them.

We as parents think to create a foodie, we must be foodies ourselves. So we eat in colour and we eat heartily! The more colours the better is our guide. Beets. Carrots. Broccoli. And the list goes on. Hope this post has been helpful~

A note on meat: Humblet read a book recently about how eating too much meat leads to the loss of habitat for Polar Bears. Since then, she has been asking us to cut down on meat in our diet. Not as difficult as we initially thought it would be. That's why you don't see meat items in Singlet's diet. But in time, we will add some cod, salmon and white meat in small amounts.


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