Friday, January 4, 2019


A fellow SAHM raised an eyebrow when I told her we were heading out for a New Years Day party. She remarked that a new year made no difference since its the same routine day in day out with her kid.

That made me think about - why do we make a big deal of the New Year?

Here's why I think its important.

This time, last year. Just the three of us.

Milestones Matter

A year older a year wiser they say. Just like how we celebrate birthdays, anniversarys, end of exams etc. These dates might well be meaningless to another person, but they mean the world to us. You remember don't you? Your graduation ceremony. Surviving your final year presentation. Your first date. Your wedding day. The day your toddler took his first step and so on.

Here are a few of mine - The day I married my friend of fifteen years and gave him a high five when the pastor pronounced us as husband and wife. Singlet making it to the 100th day mark without requiring open heart surgery. The first time Humblet slept through the night in her own bed. They might not matter to you, but they certainly matter to us.

Every milestone counts. Getting through another year is a significant milestone. Whether we grow indeed another year wiser, well, that depends.

Restart Button

We all need second chances and the new year is kind enough to let us do just that. We make resolutions because we didn't do as well as we wanted to the year before or perhaps because last year was so great we want to do even better.

Even for a stay home mum, there are so many ways I could improve. More discipline to help the baby sleep better. More patience with the ever hyper toddler. More love towards the oft neglected husband. More home cooked meals on the table.

In light of all the above, I am thankful that we celebrate new years. Especially grateful I can leave that snappy, tired and frumpy Amy in last year and move forward.

Fresh Hope

Lastly and most importantly a new year signifies a fresh start. As spring brings with it life, song and flowers a new year somehow puts renewed hope in our hearts and a skip in our step.

A jaded K2 student excitedly embarking on his new journey as a primary school students. A young couple hoping to conceive a child after a devastating miscarriage last year. New marriages, new jobs, new friendships forged.


May 2019 be a year of renewed strength and joyful hope for each one of you.


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