Wednesday, July 10, 2019


On social media we often share #savemoneywhilesavingtheearth tips, these are really just ways in which we try to make more environmentally conscious choices. Of late we have been getting questions. What do you use to collect trash? What kinds of food to you recycle? How do you make these efforts child-friendly?

There are so many things one can do, but lets start small. In this post then I thought I'd collate a list of food related green efforts for your action.


Bring your own bottle, cup or straw. As a rule, I never buy bubbletea or kopi peng unless I have my Stojo. Collapsible and compact, it leaves me no reason to not throw it in my bag each time I head out of the house. 

So far I have also bought in it tau huay, ice jelly, cut fruit, biscuits and popcorn. We try to use it whenever we buy anything loose or anything semi fluid that comes in plastic packaging otherwise.

Start with one of the above. Bring your own bottle on weekends when you do leisure outdoors. Turn down bottled water at work events. Tell the waiter you will skip the plastic straw. Get you and your spouse matching Stojos for your next anniversary! 

p.s. we get our Stojos from and our straws from (not sponsored, just convicted)

2. Tapow Box

If we manage to plan ahead, we will bring containers to pack food from the hawker centres or food courts. If we forget, we will at least skip the disposable cutlery and opt for paper packaging rather than plastic.

Or even eat there rather than take out so we use less disposables. 

Its a hassle for us young parents to bring a full set of cutlery along with baby's 101 things, so instead we throw a pair of chopsticks in our straw bag. You can eat nearly everything with chopsticks. Try it to believe it.

3. Buy bagless

I often roll my eyes at supermarkets when they charge you for the use of plastic bags in the name of encouraging the use of recyclable bags, but everything else comes in plastic packaging. What is the point I wonder.

We bring our own freezer bag and recyclable bag to the wet market instead. Containers for fish and meat. Bags for vegetables and fruit. 

We also make an effort to buy items that don't come all wrapped in plastic. We find this much harder to do in a supermarket, hence wet market trips once a week.

That being said, we cannot and will not give up Nutella and Peanut butter. A mini confession. 

4. Cook less waste less

Our family eats just about one cup of rice for dinner. One soup or stew and a fish usually makes up our entire meal. Nothing fancy, nothing wasted.

Fruit cores are used to make soup stock together with leftover bones, again I stress where possible. Fruit skins and seeds are sometimes blended and mixed with plant soil as fertilizer when not eaten. 

A portion of what is cooked for dinner is packed aside for my lunch the next day. 

No fancy compost methods or elaborate food posts here, just a common decision to eat less so as to waste less at every meal.


That's all for this #saveseries first post!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and I'll try my best to answer them or at the very least direct you to the right people.