Thursday, August 27, 2020


Singlet has been home for slightly over a week today and has been recovering steadily.

He underwent open heart surgery to patch a hole and repair a valve, which required two ribs to be broken.

The chest wound site is about 3inches long and is closing well. The plug holes on his neck, lower abdomen and wrists are healing too. As per advice, we will keep him home for a month to prevent infection of the main wound and minimise visitors. The rib fracture will take about six weeks to heal and he is encouraged to cut down on excessive physical activity.

He tires easily but is extremely cheerful. The main struggle now helping him to feel comfortable at night. The itch can be unbearable and when he turns the wrong way he cries out in sheer pain.

Other than that, the hardest bit is over. And we rejoice that Nathan is victorious!

Thank you for loving us in so many practical ways. We are taking things as slowly as possible, relishing every day with the little hero.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Singlet - The Long Story

We are so grateful for the many of you who have been asking for more details about Nathan’s upcoming surgery. Here is the detailed post for those who are interested –

We met up with the cardiological surgeon on the 20th of July after they had conferred on Nathan’s case prior. The doctor explained his condition with much detail, drawing exactly where and what the problem was.

In summary - Nathan has to go for a open-heart surgery on the 14th of August in order to patch the hole (VSD) in his heart because (1) there hole is causing a leak (2) the pressure from the leak is causing the valve above the hole to become deformed.

How do we feel?
We are actually very relieved that we live in such times where his heart can be fixed. For the medical advancements and the professionalism of our public healthcare system.

Certainly, there are fears of the worst and stress regarding his care. But overall we are excited to see this boy thrive whole when all this is over.

What will we do?
On the practical front, we will be taking him out of school as per the doctor’s advice from August, so as to minimise falling sick and any other kind of contamination to prepare him for surgery. We will likewise be minising social contact to immediate family members or unless necessary. There will be some tests involved, but he will not be hospitalised for these.

Post-surgery we will be in the hospital for up to a week. And we have to try and minimise activity when we get home. We will keep him home for another month then, to prevent infection of any sort and to allow him time to heal. Both physically and mentally.

What can you do?
Well. For starters we appreciate all your prayers for the little guy and the surgeon’s hand.

Humblet turns five on the 10th of August, we would appreciate remembering her in this time as well. We do not want her to feel ‘punished’ or ‘abandoned’ as a result of what Singlet has to go through.

Cooking will be challenging, so if you think of us during that period, you could send a meal or some caffeine over whenever. 

*update* - someone suggested this clever meal train planner so you if you'd like to send us a meal, simply click on the link and pick a date that suits you here

He will be spending quite a bit of time at home, so we would love to schedule video calls with you and your children if that is possible.

In terms of cost, we are under the category Class C, this translates into the most subsidised tier. Thus, we are not too worried about cost, neither should we allow cost to be a concern. 


Please understand that we will not be taking visitors during this time. But we would be more than happy to join you for a trip to the zoo, a fun day at the beach or even meet you in the park when all this is over.

Once again, we are so grateful for this online community that treats us like family. We will update as we go along.