Thursday, August 27, 2020


Singlet has been home for slightly over a week today and has been recovering steadily.

He underwent open heart surgery to patch a hole and repair a valve, which required two ribs to be broken.

The chest wound site is about 3inches long and is closing well. The plug holes on his neck, lower abdomen and wrists are healing too. As per advice, we will keep him home for a month to prevent infection of the main wound and minimise visitors. The rib fracture will take about six weeks to heal and he is encouraged to cut down on excessive physical activity.

He tires easily but is extremely cheerful. The main struggle now helping him to feel comfortable at night. The itch can be unbearable and when he turns the wrong way he cries out in sheer pain.

Other than that, the hardest bit is over. And we rejoice that Nathan is victorious!

Thank you for loving us in so many practical ways. We are taking things as slowly as possible, relishing every day with the little hero.

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